Wendy Vietnamese social escort in Bukit Bintang


Wendy Vietnamese social escort in Bukit Bintang

Name : Wendy

Age: 22.

Location : Kuala Lumpur City Area

Occupation: Photography Model.

Height: 1.69m & 53KG.

Vital Stats: 34B-25-35.

Spoken Language: English & Vietnamese.


Mentioned That deeper water runs dry and that is what perfectly describes our girl, Vietnamese girls are known for their exotic beauty coupled with intelligence and friendliness so there would surely be no dull moments. With long legs and slim body, she could make a very good partner.

With her natural skill to excite you, make you laugh, giggle and easily feel at ease, she’s one of our client’s favourite  Whether you wanted to discover the outside world or just wanted to spend quiet time with her, she’s the right partner for you. Booking her would be a little hard since a lot would like to experience how it feels to be with her company so if you wouldn’t like to miss this chance then go ahead, make a reservation now and let her keep you warm and entertained. Forget your worries, relax and meet one of the unforgettable girls you could ever meet.

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